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Gas boiler servicing and repairs in Shrewsbury, Oswestry and Shropshire

At Harding Heating, we service and repair all sorts of boilers, including Combi Boilers, System Boilers and Back Boilers, and we cover all major manufacturers such as Vaillant, Glow-worm, Baxi, Worchester Bosch or Ideal.

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How much does it cost to service my gas boiler?

Servicing a boiler is like servicing a car – it makes the boiler run more efficiently, extends its life and reduces the chance of breakdown. When replacing parts at Harding Heating, we only ever use genuine manufacturer parts and provide a Safety Certificate, which is valid for 1-year.

What are the steps for servicing a boiler? 

A gas boiler service typically involves thoroughly inspecting, cleaning, and testing various components to ensure the boiler operates safely and efficiently. Here are the key steps:

  1. Visual Inspection - Our engineer will start by visually inspecting the boiler, flue, air inlet and the boiler surroundings for any signs of damage, leaks, or corrosion. They will also check the ventilation to ensure proper air supply for combustion.

  2. Boiler Disassembly - Depending on the boiler model, the engineer may need to disassemble certain parts to access internal components for inspection and cleaning. This may involve removing the boiler casing and other panels.

  3. Flue Gas Analysis - A flue gas analysis is performed to check the combustion process. This involves using a gas analyser to measure the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide in the flue gases. Proper combustion ensures efficient operation and reduces harmful emissions.

  4. Cleaning - The engineer might need to clean various parts of the boiler, including the burners, heat exchanger, and combustion chamber. This removes any accumulated dirt, soot, or debris that can hinder efficiency and potentially cause issues. Cleaning is often a remedy where the flue gas analysis is outside of the manufacturer’s recommended tolerances or if the manufacturer recommends it at certain intervals.

  5. Gas Pressure Check - Gas pressure will be checked to ensure it meets the manufacturer's specifications. Incorrect gas pressure can affect performance and safety.

  6. Safety Checks - The safety devices and controls, such as the thermocouple or flame rectification device, pressure relief valve, and over-heat thermostat, are checked to ensure they are functioning correctly.

  7. Water System Inspection - The boiler’s water system might be checked for leaks, flow and differential temperature settings.

  8. Seals and Gaskets - The engineer will inspect and, if necessary, replace any worn-out seals or gaskets to prevent gas leaks. This is often deemed mandatory by the manufacturer, and our technicians follow all the manufacturer’s advice regarding replacement parts.

  9. Reassembly - After the cleaning and inspection, the engineer will reassemble the boiler, making sure all components are properly secured.

  10. Testing - Once everything is back in place, the engineer will conduct another series of tests to ensure the boiler is functioning properly. This includes checking the ignition, heating performance, and safety features.

  11. Documentation - And finally, the engineer will provide a service report detailing the work carried out, any issues identified, and any recommendations or required repairs.


It's important to note that gas boiler servicing should be performed by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. The frequency of servicing may vary depending on the boiler's age, make, and model, but it's generally recommended to have an annual service to maintain safety and efficiency.​​

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Why is it important to service my gas boiler?

  1. Safety - One of the most important reasons for regular servicing is safety. Gas boilers burn fuel to produce heat, and if not properly maintained, they can develop faults or leaks that may lead to gas leaks or carbon monoxide emissions. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless, and toxic gas that can be deadly in high concentrations.

  2. Efficiency - Regular servicing ensures that the boiler is running efficiently. Over time, boilers can accumulate dirt, soot, and debris, which can reduce their efficiency. A well-maintained boiler will use fuel more effectively, resulting in better performance, a warmer home and lower energy bills.

  3. Preventive Maintenance - Regular servicing allows technicians to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into significant problems. This can help prevent the inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs down the line.

  4. Manufacturer's Warranty - Many boiler manufacturers require regular servicing as a condition to maintain the warranty. If the boiler breaks down within the warranty period and it is found that servicing was not carried out as required, the warranty may become void.

  5. Longevity - A properly serviced boiler tends to have a longer lifespan. Regular maintenance helps to keep all components in good working condition, reducing wear and tear over time.

  6. Legal Requirements - Some types of accommodation have legal requirements for regular boiler servicing, particularly for rented properties. For example, UK landlords are required to ensure gas appliances, including boilers, are checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

  7. Insurance Requirements - Some insurance policies may require regular servicing of gas appliances to maintain coverage. Failing to service the boiler as per the insurance policy may invalidate any claims related to boiler malfunctions or accidents.

Do you need gas boiler repairs?

If you have a problem with your boiler or it needs to be repaired, we can help. Boiler diagnosis typically includes a full strip down and analysis, which often takes about an hour. After which, we try to source replacement parts and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Repair call out rates

£65 inc VAT per call-out

Plus, our standard hourly rate for the repairs

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